Peach State Powered Parachutes settles for nothing less than the Airwolf 912. We feel it is the best made powered parachute in the world.

Powered Parachute Sales

Peach State Powered Parachutes is an authorized dealer for Powrachute and Soaring Concepts powered parachutes. We have a wide variety of powered parachutes sure to suit everybody’s style and budget.

Intelligently engineered and designed, Powrachute is the #1 selling brand of powered parachutes in the world. Not only are these award winning performance aircraft excellently styled but they are also built to last. We pride ourselves in making sure that our customers only purchase the safest aircraft that will provide them many hours of safe powered parachuting.

Take a look at this video and see our aircraft in action.

Airwolf 912 Powered Parachute

Airwolf 912 Powered Parachute Tough and reliable with superior performance! If you simply want the best of everything … settle for nothing less than the 912 AirWolf. It’s 4 Stroke 100 HP powerplant will take you over mountains and carry high payloads in thin air. Extended flight time with less fuel burn and an impressive 1500 hour “To Be Overhauled” (TBO) time. This truly is a remarkable aircraft! From the first time you take flight in the AirWolf, you will notice the smooth power of the 912 … there is nothing else like it! For the Pilot that demands the best … the Powrachute 912 Airwolf is the perfect choice. This machine is available as either an E-LSA or S-LSA Certified. Fly the Best! The wide range of colors allows you to give a custom look to your powered parachute. Available colors includes Black, Red, Royal Blue, Yellow, Neon Green, Neon Orange, John Deere Green, and Horizone White.

Airwolf Powered Parachute

Airwolf Powered Parachute

Airwolf 912 Specifications
  • 100 H.P. 912 ULS
  • Electric Start
  • Oversize Chute Bag
  • 912 Throttle Quadrant w/ Choke
  • 4 Point Seatbelts
  • Super 912 EIS & Pod
  • Oil Cooler
  • Quick Connect Wiring Harness
  • Standard extended Footbars
  • Electric Fuel Pump
  • Spun Aluminum Wheels
  • Dual Hydraulic Spring Over suspension
  • 4-Blade Warp Drive Prop w/ Super Hub
  • Oil Tank
  • Stainless Steel Exhaust
  • Strobe
  • Line Socks
  • Tundra Tires
  • Odyssey Dry Cell Battery
  • 500 or 550 Sq. Ft. Chute
  • 912 Engine Support
Top of the Line 3-Blade Composite Prop
Pegasus Powered Parachute

Pegasus Powered Parachute Discover the all new Pegasus Dual-Individual-Seat Powrachute. Separate seating not only gives it’s passengers more comfort and safety, but the newly designed machine demonstrates incredible performance with a climb rate that exceeds any PPC in it’s class. Comfort, Safety, Performance, and Powrachute’s Superior Quality… what more could you ask for in a powered parachute? This truly is the ultimate 2-place flying machine that you’ve been waiting for! Pegasus… A fantasy come true!

Pegasus Standard Specifications Pegasus Deluxe Specifications
  • 65 H.P. Rotax 582 CDI
  • B-Drive Gearbox
  • Oil Injection
  • Basic EIS
  • Strut Suspension
  • 4-Point Chrome Seat Belts
  • Footbars or Extended Footbars
  • 500 or 550 Sq. Ft. Chute
  • Standard Colors
  • 10 Gallon Fuel Tank
  • Full Start
  • 65 H.P. Rotax 582 CDI
  • Rotax Oil Bottle & Mount
  • 500 or 550 Sq. Ft. Chute
  • New Odyssey Dry Cell Battery
  • Quick Connect Wiring Harness
  • Line Socks
  • E-Drive Gearbox
  • 4-Point Chrome Seat Belts
  • Super EIS and POD Battery Mount
  • Ceramic Chrome Exhaust
  • Fender
  • Footbars or Extended Footbars
  • Oil Injection
  • Strut Suspension
  • Gear Drive
  • Starter
  • In House Powder Coat
  • Strob
  • 10 Gallon Fuel Tank
  • Oversize Chute Bag
Top of the Line 3-Blade Composite Prop
Sky Rascal Powered Parachute

Sky Rascal Powered Parachute The Powrachute Sky Rascal is simply one cool single sport machine. Sometimes happiness is just being single, and this is certainly the way to do it. With it’s sleek lightweight design, integral frontal fuselage bars, and powerful engine, you will be ready to truly solo!

Sky Rascal Specifications
  • Spun Aluminum Wheels
  • Frontal Fuselage Bars
  • Front Fender
  • Analogue CHT-Tach/Hour meter Standard for 447-(103 Legal Only)
  • Hydraulic Spring-Over Strut Suspension
  • 5 Gallon Aluminum Fuel Tank
  • In-House Powder Coat
  • Instrument Pod
  • Chute Bag & Line
  • Ceramic Exhaust
  • Basic EIS (Standard for 503)
  • 4-Point Seat Belt
Top of the Line 3-Blade Composite Prop
Voyager Powered Parachute

Voyager Powered Parachute This single seat powered parachute comes with the Rotax 447 engine and wing. This aircraft is virtually unstallable

Sky Rascal Specifications
  • Rotax 447 Model
  • Rotax 503 FAR103 Also Available
  • Dimensions:
    Width: 75″
    Height: 86″
  • Weight:
    218 lbs / 236 lbs with wing
  • Max Payload:
    350 lbs 447 engine
  • Take off roll: 25ft to 300ft
  • Land roll: 10ft to 100ft
  • Sink rate:
    10-12 feet per second
  • Glide ratio:
    4:1 with rectangular wing
  • Airspeed 26-35 mph
  • Climb rate:
    400-1000 feet per minute
  • Descent rate:
    500 feet per minute with engine off
Sky Trek Powered Parachute

Sky Trek Powered Parachute The Sky Trek powered parachute offers a superior ride. Two deluxe padded seats with adjustable pilot seat makes this aircraft a comfortable ride.
Features of this aircraft includes: An ideal combination of rugged chassis (4130 chromoly) and proven power and reliability of Rotax engines; Flexible open cockpit design or optional frontal bars; Pilot friendly controls and highest quality instruments (Grand Rapids EIS); Multistage powder coating system for astonishing aesthetics; Exceptional value with deluxe features becoming standard; Industry “First and only” air adjustable shocks; and an Industry “First” optional leather seats and side bag.

Sky Rascal Specifications
  • Dual bucket seats
  • Empty Weight- 384lbs W/Electric Start
  • Gross Weight- 950lbs
  • Canopy Span- 32.9 feet
  • Canopy Area- 500 Square Feet
  • Fuel Cell- 10US Gal
  • Propeller- 3 Blade 63″ PowerFin
  • Length- 122 Inches
  • Height- 84 Inches
  • Kit Type- Fully Assembled
  • Rotax 582 Liquid Cooled
  • 65 Hp at 6500 rpm
  • Power Loading- 9.6 Lbs per Hp
  • Cruise Speed- 30-32 Mph
  • Glide Rate- 4:1 Max
  • Rate of Climb- 900 Fpm Max
  • Take off Distance- 100-200 Feet
  • Landing Distance- 100 Feet

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