Peach State Powered Parachutes offers an Accelerated Sport Pilot Powered Parachute Course.

Powered Parachute Flight Lessons

Sport Pilot Training

The average student requires 12 to 20 flight hours to complete powered parachute flight training.

The more you fly the quicker you will earn your sport pilots certificate. This also includes studying on the ground. Some of you can only fly on the weekends or certain weekdays. Expect to take 6 to 20 weeks weather and scheduling permitting to complete your training.

I offer an Accelerated Sport Pilot Powered Parachute Course. With some hard work on your part I can have you ready for your Sport Pilot certificate in 10 to 15 days.

We will plan around a 14 day schedule with AM and Afternoon flights and lots of one on one ground school. Our goal will be to complete the course in the lease amount of time but safety and good judgment will always come first!

The Cost

The cost of the accelerated course is $4,600.00 and includes the following:

Ground Instruction and books with prepware CD necessary to pass the test FAA written test. Flight Instruction in Airwolf 912. Fuel and oil included. Student Pilot Certificate and log book. A minimum of 10 hours of dual flight instruction and 2 hours solo flight time is the FAA minimum. Some students will require more time. The accelerated course includes up to 19 hours flight time at no extra cost to you.

LODGING for the accelerated course only (Do not expect a 5 star accommodation it‘s a small house trailer provided by my Grandmother)

We have a lot to do in only 12 -14 days,I will be as dedicated to your success as you are.


YOU Must be 18 years or older and possess a valid Drivers License. Must be able to read, write, and speak English.


Will start at sunrise with ground school then an AM flight – evening flight if the winds are calm followed by more ground school.

Ground Instruction is taught from ASA training material by Paul Hamilton, to help you pass the FAA written test. I prefer to provide the material so you have the correct and most recent books and charts.

  • Powered Parachute Handbook FAA 8083-29
  • Pilot’s Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge FAA 8081-25
  • Practical Test Standard FAA 8081-31
  • The first three books can be downloaded for free but I want you to have hard copies
  • Most recent FAR/AIM
  • ASA Test Prep for Sport Pilot CD an Book (Have a laptop? Bring it)
  • Jacksonville Sectional /Airport/Facility Directory (dated material let me supply them)
  • Plotter
  • Weather to fly DVD by Paul Hamilton
  • Sport Pilot Logbook
  • CX-2 Flight computer (Nobody uses the slide ruler anymore)
  • Other ASA books and other supplies
  • One PSPP T shirt
Flight Instruction

Instructional Rates (pay as you go)

  • Student Pilot Certificates: Call – done by mail. Must have b4 you can solo
  • Primary Flight Training – $50.00/hr
  • Ground Training – $45.00/hr
  • Sport Pilot Training Materials $280.00
  • Parachute Set Endorsement – $100.00/hr
  • Ultralight Flight Training Course $TBD
  • AirWolf 912 Rental (PSPP students come first) $100.00 hr
  • Sport Pilot BFR (Biennial Flight Review) $200.00 your craft $300.00 mine
  • The Sport Pilot Practical (PPC included) Call

I use the Airwolf 912 as your training aircraft. At present it is my only training craft. It is an S-LSA, N numbered craft that exceeds the regulations required for instruction. It is equipped with dual controls for our safety. Radio and a GPS unit will be aboard the aircraft on all flights, dual or solo. You and I will have intercom equipment for communication during both dual and solo flights. The Flight Instruction will meet or exceed the minimum requirements set by the FAA at 10 hours dual and 2 hours solo. Flight Instruction will also include at 1 hour or more of cross-country dual and a solo cross-country. All FAA requirements will be met before any endorsement is granted to take a check ride. Every one of us has a different learning curve and no student will be allowed to solo unless I feel it can be done safely regardless of the number of dual hours.

If you want to be trained at your location that can be arranged. You will simple need to provide a 30 amp hook up for a 32 foot motor home. Traveling charges will also apply based on distance.

I am also willing to train you in your own powered parachute. It must have dual flight controls and current annual condition inspection. Course fee is $3,300.00. You will be trained until you’re ready for your practical exam with no additional training cost to get your ticket! The cost of the course includes books and materials.

Understand that 12 hours of flight instruction are presented as the minimum FAA requirement for sport pilot training requirements. Actual time is typically higher. The Accelerated Sport Pilot Powered Parachute Course is all inclusive and I do not charge you for extra flight time you may require. (up to 19 hours)

Understand that before the SPE check ride can be administered, the student must pass an FAA knowledge test (given at most larger airports). The knowledge provided by the 12 hours of flight instruction is not adequate to fully prepare the STUDENT for the FAA written test, therefore he/she must study on his/her own. The INSTRUCTOR will provide information regarding study material for this test, as well as information regarding the actual taking of the test. The Accelerated Sport Pilot Powered Parachute Course includes this ground training to pass the FAA knowledge test.

Understand that flight instruction and ground training to pass the FAA knowledge test are two separate classes but both have to be done to become a SP.

If you purchase your aircraft from us, we offer substantial training discounts*

(Training at KMGR or KTVI only)


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