Peach State Powered Parachutes settles for nothing less than the Airwolf 912. We feel it is the best made powered parachute in the world.
Your introductory flight is piloted by an experienced Instructor/CFI (Certified Flight Instructor). During this flight you will be comfortably seated in the 2nd or rear seat of the powered parachute. You will be able to hear your instructor via helmet head-phones. The instructor will demonstrate the use of the simple components used for powered parachute flight while you are flowing over some of most scenic country in the South. Read more about experiencing an Intro Flight.
All Instructors are Certified Flight Instructors with your safety as the highest priority. Instructor to student ratio is one to one to insure the best quality instruction for each student. The course will consist of both Ground and Flight Instruction of the highest quality. The average student requires 12 to 20 flight hours to complete the training from start to finish. Learn more about Powered Parachute Flight Lessons with us.
Peach State Powered Parachutes is an authorized dealer for Powrachute and Soaring Concepts powered parachutes. All the aircraft we sell are legal to fly in the USA. We pride ourselves in making sure that our customers only purchase safe aircraft that will provide them many hours of safe powered parachuting. Check out our Powered Parachute Sales page for a complete listing powered parachutes we sale.
About Powered Parachuting
If you've ever dreamed of flying on your own then powered parachuting is one of the most affordable and feasible solutions for living the dream of free flight. Powered parachuting is the easiest form of aviation there is to learn. Its one of the most accessible forms of flying available. It allows you to own an aircraft without the expensive hangar fees. Best of all, your entire powered parachute goes where you go. It can easily be hauled behind your car or truck. With a powered parachute you can takeoff from any level ground and experience the dream of flying with the birds. Compared to general aviation, the cost of operating and maintaining a powered parachute is very low. Take a look at this introductory video and see what others are saying about this phenomenal sport.
Need More Information?
Need more information about one of our services? We are happy to answer all of your questions concerning your experience with Peach State Powered Parachutes. Please visit our Contact page for more information.
About Peach State Powered Parachutes
Peach State Powered Parachutes is owned and operated by James Dees (Jim) out of the Thomasville Municipal Airport near Thomasville, Georgia. Jim has been involved with parachutes most of his life starting with skydiving at age 16. He was active in skydiving for over 20 years as an instructor with over 4,000 freefalls. It was natural for Jim to gravitate toward powered parachutes. Jim believes that the safety of his students is a number one priority. He ensures this by offering the highest quality training and sells only the highest quality powered parachutes.
Powered Parachuting FAQ
  • Is powered parachuting safe?
    Yes. Powered Parachuting is one of the safest forms of flying available. Because of the flight characteristics of the powered parachute, it is virtually impossible to roll or stall. The wing is capable of flying even with the engine off.
  • How high can I fly a powered parachute?
    The powered parachute has the capabilities of flying above 10,000 feet. Most pilots enjoy the low and slow approach of flying between 500 and 1500 feet above ground.
  • How fast can I fly a powered parachute?
    Depending upon the type of PPC a powered parachute will generally cruise between 25 and 35 MPH.
  • How long can I fly a powered parachute?
    The length of time a powered parachute can fly varies depending upon the size of the fuel tank. Generally speaking powered parachutes can fly for two hours or more.
  • Where can I fly a powered parachute?
    The FAA has requirement as to where you can fly. You should become familiar with these regulations before flying by checking the local restrictions. These restrictions are generally required around high traffic airports and other sensitive locations such as power plants, military bases, and government buildings.
  • When can I fly a powered parachute?
    Weather is the number one factor of when you can fly. We do not recommend you fly in winds exceeding 15 MPH. Regulations also require that you fly in daylight hours only.
  • Do I need an airport to fly?
    While your training is done at an airport you are not required to use an airport for takeoffs and landings. If you have a back forty or just a big back yard it is possible to convert it into a makeshift runway. Most any level grass surface will do as long as there are no vertical obstructions such as nearby buildings or utility lines. Remember, that your aircraft will have an "N" number which affords you the same access privileges to airports as any other general aviation aircraft. You should inform the airport of your intention when using their facility.
  • What length of runway do I need to take off and land?
    While powered parachutes can take of and land in as little as 150 feet, we recommend that you have open field to fly from that is at least 700 feet long.
  • What happens if the engine stops?
    No worry, your powered parachute can fly without the engine. The chute is designed to allow the pilot to have full control during the descent.
  • What are the basic controls of a powered parachute?
    The altitude is controlled by the throttle, more power makes you climb higher and less power makes you descend. Turning left and right is controlled by pushing on the control bar with your feet. Pushing on the right bar will cause the powered parachute to turn right while pushing on the left bar will cause the powered parachute to turn left. These simple controls are why powered parachuting is the simplest form of aviation there is to learn.
  • How difficult is it to set up a powered parachute?
    Just one person can set the aircraft up and have it ready for take off in 10 to 15 minutes.
  • How do I become a pilot?
    We offer introductory flights and full training packages to get you started.

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